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Studio Class Descriptions

This is an introductory Monart class for little artists, teaching them to recognize the five elements of shape in all objects surrounding them. We focus on developing several important skills including hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills, focus and concentration, planning ahead and making independent choices.

At this level students have the ability to independently recognize the five elements of shape in the world around them. Students will step beyond simple 2-dimensional drawing and be introduced to 3-dimensional drawing concepts such as perspective and foreshortening. While this class is structured to ensure progress in drawing skill, it also allows for artistic freedom and individual creativity.

This class serves as an introduction to several fine art skills including shading, light logic, texture, vanishing point perspective and understanding proper proportion. Students will continue to artistic confidence and the ability to make creative compositional choices. This class will help students work toward developing independent drawing skills.

MIXED MEDIA  (Ages 6-12)
This class inspires students to creatively incorporate a variety of different art mediums into their work. Students will draw a subject using the Monart Drawing Method and then use various media to add color, texture and vibrancy to their artwork! Students will learn several techniques on working with different mediums and how to incorporate them into a single piece of artwork. Students will be encouraged to express individual creativity in their artwork.

PARENT/CHILD  (Ages 4-7)
A unique class designed to allow parents the opportunity to experience the Monart Drawing Method with their child by drawing along side them. While this class is designed for parent participation, children may also be dropped off to attend the class by themselves. This class shares the same level and format as the Getting Ready class, but with parent participation.

In this class adults will have fun learning how to draw realistically in a relaxed and supportive environment. A variety of fundamental drawing and painting techniques will be introduced, and all skill levels are welcome! Each student will receive some one-on-one instruction in addition to group instruction, and the class will be self-paced. Everyone can learn how to draw and paint realistically using the classic skills and techniques that have been taught since the Renaissance.